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David Duvali 


     David Duvali born and raised in south florida is the definition of self made. Attending Fullsail University for a semester before have to leave for financial reason, he kept pursuing his dream in music. Teaching himself everything he knows today by hands-on experience and taking notes from his favorite producers in the industry. "Thank god For Youtube and social media" Duvali told us.

      His drive and hustle made him the man he is today. now the founder and CEO of Blu Majik Entertainment while maintaining as an artist he is now reaping the fruit of his labor.

King Guapo


King Guapo grew up in so many different hoods its hard to call one home. he was alway focused on taking care of his family. While on the path to greatness he's faced so many challenges but kept pushing forward through the tough circumstances placed in his life.

            "its just the beginning and my story is still being written as we speak so to get to know the real me would be to just press play "

King Guapo

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